Both of my sons have attended Adventures In Learning and were lucky to have been surrounded by the most caring and nurturing educational professionals. My son's strengths were built upon and they were confident in their abilities at each stage of their classroom learning. In the older toddler class, my son learned how to write letters at the age of 3 and in the younger toddler class, my other son learned his A, B, Cs in months and says them with such pride! The lead teacher in each class sets a wonderful tone for the kids, as well as the other staff members and families. We are also kept updated with our children's day with the daily informational sheets which are a great tool to keep us in the loop on each day. It is important to note that this school provides kids with the chance to do yoga, cook and be entertained by a music professional all included in the tuition. The school administrators are supportive of each concern both big and small and truly know each child in the center on an individual basis. I would also like to highlight the secure environment that the children are kept in with a person stationed at the front at all hours of the day. 
-Beth Skolnick, Adventures in Learning I parent
I want to highly recommend Adventures in Learning II for the excellent care they provided for my one year old daughter. My daughter’s caregivers were so loving and nurturing—I could see in all of their interactions that they genuinely care for the children they take care of. They are also highly organized and practice the utmost hygiene. Communication was flawless—I was notified immediately whenever my daughter was sick or needed anything and everyday when I dropped her off and picked her up I would receive updates on how she was doing. The activities Adventures in Learning II offers are wonderful: even when my daughter was just an infant, she participated in music classes in both English and Spanish. I wholeheartedly recommend Adventures in Learning II and am sad my daughter will be leaving her community there when we move next month.
-Rachel Salazar, Adventures in Learning II parent
Adventures in Learning (AIL) was an incredibly positive experience for my daughter and she blossomed in innumerable ways.  My daughter learned important social skills of communicating and negotiating with her peers.  She thoroughly enjoyed the diverse weekly programs, including food prep/cooking, yoga, Spanish language, and music.  The food prep/cooking class especially helped my daughter to expand her palette and develop enthusiasm for preparing healthy foods.  My daughter participated in engaging and educational field trips including to the Liberty Science Center and World of Wings, in Teaneck.  I am completely amazed by how my daughter developed important pre-writing skills through the "Handwriting without Tears" program implemented at AIL.  My daughter developed an openness to print and enthusiasm for writing through her exposure to this innovative and playful program at AIL.  She regularly writes her name now, attempts to spell words on her own, and pays attention to print in public places.  But most importantly, the teachers at AIL fostered a loving environment and helped my daughter to develop a sense of community with her class.  The teachers did so much to support my daughter's development and AIL became like a second home to her -- so much so that she prefers being at daycare to being at home!  This is a testament to the family-like environment nurtured in the classroom.  It meant so much to us as parents to know that our daughter was so happy and comfortable at AIL.  The care children receive during the first years of life provide the foundation for building healthy and happy relationships with the world around them and to developing an openness to learning.  AIL provided a strong jumping off point for my daughter and I am so grateful to them! 
-Vera Sirota, Adventures in Learning parent


Prior to transferring Jack to Adventures in Learning when he was 18 months old, we had not realized what a great daycare was. Adventures in Learning showed us that a great daycare not only has defined lesson plans and structured days but should appreciate your child's unique personality. It should encourage their individual growth, while fostering a sense of community. Communication with parents should not just cover your child's ‘bms’ but should share your child's moods and some piece of their day.
A great daycare should encourage exploration whether by bringing in a music teacher weekly, the lizard guys to show kids real snakes and frogs, or just by creating excitement and interest in the weekly topic such as family, pets, gardening and many others. Adventures in Learning has shown us that we can expect more than just a safe place for our child while we are away from them. We should expect a nurturing, creative and educational place. I know Jack is happy there because he looks forward to it in the morning and does not want to leave at night. He is so proud of what he has learned and so are we!

 -Rebecca Jennings, Adventures in Learning parent